news5 novembre 2023

At Lucca Comics and Games, good civil protection practices turn into a comic strip

High attendance at the activities of the I don't take risks campaign

Presentazione del fumetto “L’attimo decisivo” - Evidenza

The "Lucca Comics&Games," an event of international significance that annually attracts tens of thousands of fans of comics and role-playing games from all over the world to the Tuscan city, ended today, November 5. Five days of exhibitions, displays, meetings, shows and activities in which the Department of Civil Protection also took part, which, precisely in Lucca, presented the comic strip "L'attimo decisivo," the project carried out as part of the I don't take risks campaign and promoted by the Minister for Civil Protection and Sea Policies, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Merit.

In spite of the arrival of the exceptional wave of bad weather that, in these very days, has affected some areas of the Region of Tuscany, the Department - which immediately took action to coordinate activities to support the population and the local civil protection system - has nonetheless decided to ensure its presence at the stand set up in Piazza San Giovanni to raise awareness among citizens of all ages on the topics of prevention and knowledge of good civil protection practices that can be useful in reducing exposure to risks.

Hundreds of adults, teachers, parents and comic book enthusiasts, driven by interest and curiosity about a new and engaging way of talking about topics that are seemingly not simple for younger people, asked about the project and the I don't take risks campaign, while many secondary school children recognized the four protagonists of the comic book after receiving it in their classrooms on Oct. 13, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction.

Schools were also the focus of two major happenings that took place during the event. On Thursday, November 2, in the Tobino Hall of the Ducal Palace, and live streamed on the channels of the I don't take risks campaign, the comic strip was presented in the presence of some students of the "Carlo Piaggia" Comprehensive Institute of Capannori (LU), who could also meet the cartoonist Mattia Surroz in person.

On Friday, Nov. 3, a workshop-quiz was held with two classes from the "Ilio Micheloni" Comprehensive Institute of Lammari (LU) who, in the stunning setting of the church of Santi Giovanni e Reparata, competed to test their knowledge on the events of Carlo, Katja, Paolo and Samira, but above all on the good practices of civil protection that allowed the four kids to reduce the power of the Equation.

"Participation" was also the major focus of the two events on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 at the stand in St. John's Square, where lots of kids, cosplayers and ordinary comics’ fans lined up to get a copy of the comic strip "L'attimo decisivo" autographed by the two authors, Mattia Surroz and screenwriter Roberto Gagnor.

Not only comics but also immersive technology experiences. During the five-day event, thanks to the "Sisma VR" project by LARES Italia and the Department of Civil Protection, many visitors were able to enjoy a virtual reality adventure in the indoor spaces of the Real Collegio to experience the effects of an earthquake and understand the correct behaviours to adopt during a seismic event. On the other hand, the I don't take risks event organized in the spaces in front of the Real Collegio was cancelled to allow volunteers from the Civil Protection of the Tuscany Region to aid the areas hit by the wave of bad weather.