news1 luglio 2024

Launch of market consultations for the rental of containers and supply of furniture, linens, and accessories in emergencies

Surveys can be submitted by July 12

Terrermoto Turchia_scarico container Palmanova EV

Consip SpA has published market consultations on its website to establish a multi-supplier Framework Agreement. This agreement is to be awarded within the framework of the tender specifications signed with the Department of Civil Protection. It pertains to contracting rental services for modular prefabricated units (containers) for various uses in emergency contexts. The initiative also encompasses the furniture, linens, and accessories supply for setting up these units.

Interested companies can fill out the surveys available on the Consip SpA website at the following links:

  1. Container
  2. Furniture, linens, and accessories

The surveys are designed for the supply market. Companies can respond to provide helpful guidance for analyzing the tender strategy and preparing the necessary documentation. In the second phase, operators will be invited to individual remote follow-up meetings.

Surveys should be sent by July 12, 2024, to the certified e-mail address (PEC):