news12 dicembre 2022

Ischia bad weather emergency: Campania General Director for Public Works and Civil Protection appointed the Implementing Body

The measure is provided in the ordinance signed by the Head of Department

Squadre di Vigili del Fuoco a Ischia

The head of the Civil Protection Department, Fabrizio Curcio, signed Ordinance No. 951 of December 11, 2022, setting out additional urgent Civil Protection measures to deal with the emergency in Ischia following the exceptional weather events of November 26.

The main provision concerns the appointment of the Campania Region's General Director for Public Works and Civil Protection Italo Giulivo, and the Implementing Body Giovanni Legnini, to coordinate the implementation of preparatory research and analysis for the preliminary definition of the area's dangerousness.

The new Implementing Body will be assisted by the structures and offices of regional, provincial, municipal, central and peripheral state administrations, the centers of competence of the National Service of Civil Protection and other bodies, centers, research institutes, and universities with specific knowledge and experience of the territorial context. The vulnerability of the territory must be taken into account in this phase of analysis to produce a framework of urgent interventions that fits the security needs of the communities involved.

Further provisions have been introduced to support the activities of the Delegated Commissioner, the commissioner's structure and that of the involved municipalities of Ischia Island, strengthening, in particular, their operativeness to allow them to implement the initiatives to overcome the current emergency situation in the shortest possible time.

In the municipality of Casamicciola, searches by fire department teams ended last December 6, with the identification of the last of the 12 victims. Among the ongoing activities on the island, the assistance to the population, inspections of buildings affected by the landslide, removal of mud and debris from homes and roads, monitoring of the landslide slope of Mount Epomeo, investigations on the geomorphological and hydrogeological situation of the territory, and analyses for the assessment of residual risk for the definition of the necessary measures to adopt.