news3 aprile 2024

Humanities and social sciences for the civil protection system

Submissions are due by May 20

Conferenza scienze umani e sociali - EVIDENZA

The Department of Civil Protection, in partnership with the CIMA Research Foundation, is planning a conference to learn more about and share the latest research in humanities and social sciences that could be relevant to civil protection. The event is planned for September 23 and 24, 2024, in Rome at the Department of Civil Protection headquarters.

Since its establishment, the civil protection system has found in the scientific community an essential scientific-technical support, enhanced over the years with leading expertise from the STEM disciplines. Now, the urge has emerged to integrate into the system the knowledge resulting from humanities and social sciences research: the aim is to provide new sharing spaces, connect with another research environment, and promote a holistic approach to the topics of risk reduction and management, environmental and land protection, focusing on humans and communities. Furthermore, the call provides a significant opportunity to meet and learn about each other. 

By May 20, lecturers, researchers, experts, and authors can register and submit a short abstract for a presentation or poster on studies related to the topics of the conference by filling out this form:

The organizers will decide which interventions will be the subject of oral presentations and which will be exhibited. The details about the initiative and how to participate are available in the attachment.