news12 giugno 2023

Global Earthquake Model: international conference in Bergamo

June 13 and 14 researchers and experts from around the world meet to discuss future development

Conferenza GEM Bergamo

The Conference of GEM-Global Earthquake Model, the Program set up in 2008 by an initiative of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development with the aim of creating a risk model, on a global scale, to estimate possible losses from natural disasters in general, and earthquakes in particular, takes place at the Bergamo Convention Center on June 13 and 14, 2023.

The event-which can also be followed by registering online-is titled "Are we making a difference?" and features researchers and risk management experts from around the world and is intended to be an opportunity to discuss developments in the field and ways forward in the recent future to strengthen the culture of prevention, especially on the earthquake risk front.

The event will include discussion sessions and presentations on new global earthquake hazard and risk models, GEM's maps and databases, applications for risk reduction and management, and the future of the science and practice of earthquake hazard assessment. Incidentally, GEM adopts an open policy for all its products, from the calculation engine to global models.

Italy, represented by the Civil Protection Department, has participated in the GEM Program since its beginning, with the Foundation headquarters operating the program located in Pavia. Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey and Singapore immediately joined the program alongside our country, while later Australia, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Taiwan, Great Britain, the USA and Venezuela became project partners.
The program relies on economic contributions from these countries, varying in proportion to annual research and development expenditures, and on support from large private groups. In fact, the goal is to respond to the need, continually expressed mainly by governments and insurance and reinsurance companies, for a world-scale risk model to estimate possible losses from natural disasters.

All information including how to register to stream the proceedings is available on the GEM Program website.


Image source: GEM Program website