news13 aprile 2023

Fund for seismic risk prevention: 100 million for the two-year period 2022-2023

The ordinance regarding the use of the fund has been published

Fondo per la prevenzione del rischio sismico - Evidenza

The Ordinance of the Head of the Civil Protection Department no. 978 of 24 March 2023 regulating the use of an additional 100 million euro from the Seismic Risk Prevention Fund was published in the Official Gazette.

These resources, following on from the actions started with the 2010-2016 Seven-Year Plan and continued in the 2019-2021 years thanks to the refinancing of the Fund in 2018 and 2021, will support structural and non-structural seismic prevention actions for the years 2022 and 2023.
Specifically, EUR 10.8 million are allocated to non-structural prevention actions such as seismic microzonation studies and Emergency Boundary Condition analysis, while EUR 87.2 million are dedicated to structural prevention actions of seismic upgrading on public assets of strategic interest for civil protection purposes.
The other 2 million euros are aimed at supporting the coordination and monitoring activities of the Fund, also through specific agreements with the centers of competence, the management of which is under the control of the Department.

A decree of the Head of the Department will now distribute the resources among the 17 Regions that are recipients of the Fund, as they are characterised by higher levels of seismic risk, in proportion to their respective risk index. Indeed, the Regions have to plan the interventions in the territories and then monitor their implementation using the allocated resources.