news12 giugno 2011

From the editorial office: what's new this week

New dossiers and in-depth sections available on the website

More on the tsunami risk and heat waves, new simplified rules and updates on emergency humanitarian assistance, are some of the news this week that you can find on the website of the Department of Civil Protection.

 Three months after the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan have devoted a large section to the seaquake risk in the Mediterranean and Italy, from differences from tsunamis occurring in the oceans. And to test your knowledge on a test launch short-tsunami risk, similar to the one published last May on the earthquake risk.

From a few weeks the dossier on heat waves is available on the website, with a daily update of the bulletins, produced by the Competence Centre Asl E Rome. From monday to saturday, weather conditions of 27 Italian cities at risk for the population are signalled, from level 0 (no-risk situation) to level 3 (heat wave). The service will be active until September 15.

In the dossier dedicated to the humanitarian emergency the bi-weekly updates of the table with the migrants hosted in Italy's regions go on, on the basis on the reception Plan.
In the section Public Notices and Announcements we published the simplification of the Opcm no. 3943, that defines in detail the distribution of funds for the flood in Veneto of November 2010 and the financial aid for properties, also for production activities.

We are currently working at no. 3 of  the “Civil Protection” magazine, official magazine of the Department, that will be out at the end of June. A large section will be dedicated to the 2011 fire campaign and to the initiaties linked to the European Year of voluntary work that will be held in Italy in July. The section 'Stories' will be dedicated to the tragedy of Vermicino, a sad page of Italian history but an important moment of the path that led to the creation of the civil protection System.

We remind you that the “Civil Protection” magazine is also available on facebook through its official page: a space for discussion and in-depth sections for all components of the National Service. This week, in the thread area, there is a discussion on disability during emergencies.