news2 novembre 2021

Fires in Austria, the operations of the two Italian Canadairs are completed

Intervento Canadair in Austria novembre 2021

26 hours of operational flight, 10 missions on the Mittagstein mountain, 32 launches of about 192,000 liters of extinguishing liquid. The operation was carried out by two Canadair CL 415, sent by Italy following a request from the Emergency Response Coordination Centre in Brussels, as part of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The activities of the Italian air unit, which ended today, received the appreciation of Austrian institutions with a visit to the crews at Vienna airport by the Austrian Minister of the Interior, Karl Nehammer, accompanied by the Italian Ambassador, Stefano Beltrame.

A representative of the Civil Protection Department and a representative of the National Fire Department took part in the mission to liaise with the local authorities and to support the pilots of the two aircraft.