news29 luglio 2011

Etna: situation as of 29 July 2011

Ban of accessing over  2920 m extended to 22 August

We publish data on Etna activity collected by the Central Functional Centre for Volcanic Risk of the Civil Protection Department.

This morning, at 5.35 a.m., a weak activity was registered at the pit crater of the South Eash crater of the volcano. The activity stopped at 6.34 a.m., as signalled by the Catania section of Ingv. On 19 July a strombolian activity was registered at the pit crater of the South Eash crater of the volcano, and ended the following morning. From 20 July weak eruptive phases have been registered, alternated to absence of the phenomena.

Moreover, the Prefect of Catania, through an ordinance, prolonged til 22 August 2011 the total ban of accessing the volcano over 2920 m (in proximity of the Philosopher's Tower), either on the North and South side.

The Central Functional Centre continues the surveillance activity of the phenomenon through its Ingv competence centres in Catania and University of Florence an through the operating structures of the Alpine Rescue of Guardia di Finanza and Forest Corps of Sicily Region.

Image source: Ingv-Catania website