news8 febbraio 2023

Earthquake in Turkey: Italian team operational on site

Italian fire department teams involved in search and rescue operations on 8 February rescued two people

Terremoto Turchia - Vigili del Fuoco formato evidenza

The Civil Protection National Service team that arrived in Turkey within the framework of the European Civil Protection Mechanism to support the local authorities in search and rescue activities for missing persons, after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck the Turkish-Syrian territory, is now operational.

The USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) teams of the Fire Department, medical personnel and Civil Protection Department teams are working on two different scenarios near Antioch during these hours, together with the local authorities and other international rescuers. The Italian teams have already managed to rescue two people, carrying out extremely complicated operations also due to the number of aftershocks.

The Italian operations base was also set up this morning in Antioch, in the area of the Hatay Stadium sports field, together with those of the teams sent by other European Union countries.

Operations to send more aid - materials, vehicles, and personnel - to Turkey began today. The San Marco ship, provided by the Italian Navy, will handle the transport from the port of Brindisi. Besides medical supplies, sheets, blankets, etc., an important EMT2 field hospital from the Piedmont Region will be sent to the affected areas to support the severely damaged local hospitals. The departure of the ship is scheduled on Friday, with a five-day travel time to reach the Turkish territory.