news15 gennaio 2020

Disaster risk reduction: three days of training in Florence

At the University of Florence, a seminar with international audience, organized in collaboration with the Department of Civil Protection

The three-day training for experts from the scientific community and policy makers in the field of disaster risk reduction from 20 European and non-European countries ends today in Florence.

The initiative, which involved a total of 73 participants at the Novoli Campus, has been organized by the Civil Protection Centre of the University of Florence. The Civil Protection Department, the International Network for Government Science Advice, the JRC of the European Commission and DG ECHO - Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid - collaborate in the organization of the School.

During the opening day particular attention was paid to the decision-making process in the field of risk management. The opening conference was attended by the Research Pro-Rector of the University Marco Bindi, the Directors General of the JRC and DG-ECHO of the European Commission Charlina Vitcheva and Johannes Luchner and Jaroslav Mysiak of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change. For the Civil Protection Department, Mr. Agostino Miozzo, Director of the Promotion and Integration Office of the National Service, intervened.


On January 14 and 15 the participants worked in masterclasses on different aspects of risk prevention and mitigation, emergency preparedness and response as well as the presentation of case studies and good practices. The masterclass no. 3 of January 14 was organized by the Department of Civil Protection: facilitators of the Science for Disaster Risk Management, liability of the scientific world, the director Mauro Dolce and Daniela Di Bucci.

Overall, the course offered experts and professionals an important opportunity for in-depth study and comparison on the theme of disaster risk reduction, a strategic area in the broader framework of European policies in the sector.

Photo source (news and highlights) - Civil Protection Centre of the University of Florence