news11 febbraio 2020

Designa, in support of population assistance

A seminar addressed to Regions and Autonomous Provinces on the Designa System, designed by the Department of Civil Protection and Eucentre.


On February 12, at the operational headquarters of the Civil Protection Department, it is scheduled the seminar "Designa, in support of the assistance to the population", dedicated to the Designation System implemented by the Civil Protection Department, in collaboration with the Eucentre Centre of Competence, for emergency use to monitor and manage information concerning the population assisted after calamitous events.

The Designa System, developed after the Abruzzo earthquake emergency in 2009, became a cornerstone of the emergency management over the years, to monitor the type of accommodation offered to citizens and their families, follow its evolution over time and verify the costs of assistance in real time.

The day - during which the works will be opened by the Head of the Department Mr. Angelo Borrelli and the Director of Operations Luigi D'Angelo - aims to share with Regions and Autonomous Provinces the development and the implementation of Designa and to promote its adoption by the components of the System in order to achieve a common and consistent response capacity throughout the national territory. 

Particularly, the seminar is addressed to the referents appointed by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces following the technical meeting of the Special Commission held last December 18, 2019. 

Further analysis will give space to the different experiences in the emergency field with a focus on seismic emergencies in Central Italy (2016), Ischia (2017) and in the Ethnic Countries (2018).

During the event, there will be contributions related to Ischia, the Regions of Abruzzo, Umbria, Marche, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont.