news11 aprile 2024

The Department of Civil Protection opens its doors to citizens

On April 15, 2024, the operational headquarters at Via Vitorchiano in Rome will be open for visitors on the first national Made in Italy Day

Openday-in evidenza

Give citizens a chance to visit and learn about the environments where Italy's territory is monitored daily and where crises are managed in case of emergencies. This is the objective of the Open Day on April 15, 2024, planned for the first national Made in Italy Day. During this event, civil protection experts will guide visitors to the seismic, volcanic, and meteo-hydro monitoring rooms to help them understand how risk forecasting and prevention are done.

By allowing citizens to visit the Department during the first national Made in Italy Day, they can also participate in promoting and spreading awareness of the culture of civil protection. This increases people's understanding of the importance of everyone's contribution to environmental protection, risk prevention, community care, and social welfare. The Civil Protection System is one of the best examples of Made in Italy, thanks to its ability to provide qualified interventions that result from the synergy between organizations, solidarity, and participation.

It will also be possible to witness the functioning of the "Sala Situazione Italia" Situation Room, which collects and verifies 24-hour data from the territory. This will enable citizens to learn more about the operational center of civil protection, where the coordination of interventions in major national emergencies takes place.

There are 2 shifts available, 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, and the visit will last approximately one hour.

Reservations can be made for a maximum of 5 people. Requests will be confirmed by email, subject to availability. The email will also include the ticket, which must be shown at the entrance—directly from the smartphone or printed—along with ID.


The event can be canceled, even on short notice, if the Department must carry out mandatory and unavoidable activities.

How to reach us

The Department of Civil Protection is located in Rome, Via Vitorchiano 2, and it can be reached by car or by:

  • bus: line 32
  • train: stop "Due Ponti" of the train line Rome-Viterbo, direction Montebello (departures from metro A Piazzale Flaminio)