news17 aprile 2024

The Department attends “Sapienza Career Days 2024” 

A chance for Humanities and Social Sciences students to learn more about Civil Protection and the activities of the National Service

Sapienza Career Days 2024 - locandina

Today, April 17, the Department of Civil Protection was one of the leading organizations in the "Sapienza Career Days 2024," an event aimed at students and graduates of the Humanities and Social Sciences courses.

A group of experts from the Department met with students from the Roman University to answer their doubts, questions, and curiosities about the Department's activities, the professionals who work there, and the training opportunities available. They also discussed the possibility of carrying out internships at the Department's two institutional locations as part of their coursework, which would provide a unique and challenging work experience.

In fact, like all opportunities to interact directly with young people, to which the Department always responds enthusiastically, the event is also a way to introduce new generations to the world of Civil Protection and National Service, introducing them to the themes of prevention and risk reduction, fields that can provide not only highly professionalizing work experience but also personal growth and active citizenship.

In addition to the Department, which joined for the second year in a row, several national and international institutions, corporations, and companies also attended the "Sapienza Career Days 2024". Their objective was to offer humanities and social sciences undergraduates and recent graduates a comprehensive view of available opportunities to navigate the job market more efficiently.