news9 aprile 2020

Covid-19 emergency: published in the official gazette the law decrees on business, strategic sectors, justice and education

The Council of Ministers approved two legislative decrees with new urgent measures with regard to the Coronavirus emergency

During the meeting of April 6, the Council of Ministers, upon proposal of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Minister of Economy and Finance Roberto Gualtieri, approved a new legislative decree concerning the Coronavirus emergency. Specifically, the measure provides for new measures to support small, medium and large enterprises with facilities for access to credit and support for liquidity, both for the benefit of the domestic and export markets. The Decree-Law also postpones tax and fiscal obligations for employees and businesses. It envisages the suspension of payments of VAT, withholding tax and contributions for the months of April and May, supplementary to the provisions of the "Cura Italia" Decree.
The measures approved strengthen the special powers of the Government in sectors of strategic importance (such as defence and national security, energy, transport and communications). The Decree also provides for the postponement of hearings for civil and criminal proceedings pending at all judicial offices from 15 April to 11 May, in addition to the suspension of the deadlines for civil and criminal proceedings.
Decree Law on School and Education
. The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of President Giuseppe Conte, the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina and the Minister of University and Research Gaetano Manfredi, also approved a further Decree Law introducing measures on the regular conclusion of the current school year, the start of the new year and the holding of State examinations.
It is expected that during the period of suspension of the teaching activity the teaching staff will ensure the continuity of the lessons in remote teaching, using computer or technological tools. 

The Ministry of Education will also issue further instructions concerning the evaluation of students, the passing of state exams and the modalities for recovering the courses scheduled for 2019/2020 in the following year 2020/2021. The measures will be adjusted according to any possible return to school activity in presence by 18 May.

According to the decree, as with the procedures for access to public employment, also the procedures provided for by the regulated professional systems, subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Justice and the examinations for access to the professions, will also be suspended for sixty days. 

In case of prolonged state of emergency, the decree provides that one or more decrees of the Minister of Universities and Research may define, also by way of derogation from the regulations in force, the provisions to ensure the recognition of professional qualifications, the organization and the modalities of the first and second session of the year 2020 of the State examinations for the exercise of the professions of dentist, pharmacist, veterinary surgeon, food technologist, chartered accountant and accounting expert, as well as the additional tests for the authorization to exercise the statutory audit.