news17 aprile 2020

Covid-19 emergency, online procedure for the supply of medical equipment to carry out 150,000 serological tests

The call for tenders, open to all manufacturers of kits, reagents and consumables, will close on 22nd April 2020.

A simplified and urgent tendering procedure for the supply of kits, reagents and consumables was launched by the Special Commissioner for the COVID-19 emergency to carry out 150,000 serological tests for a sample survey on the spread of SARS - CoV-2 infection.

The competitive procedure, open to companies producing the required health care materials, through the "call for tenders" is valid for a period of five days and in any case no later than 22nd April 2020.

Bids must be submitted electronically by the same date and will be evaluated by an examining committee in accordance with the procedures and timing indicated in the call for tenders.
The signature of the supply contract will occur by 29th April 2020.
Corrigendum of 19th April 2020
Due to typos in the English translation, we republished the text today in the version "CORRECTED RELEASE DATED 19th APRIL 2020".