news28 marzo 2020

Covid-19 emergency, a US field hospital set up in Cremona

More than 60 healthcare operators from Samaritan's Purse international organization in Lombardy to assist patients suffering from the respiratory diseases caused by Coronavirus.


Photo courtesy of Samaritan's Purse 

In Cremona, a field hospital with over 60 American health workers specialized in disaster response - including doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, sanitation and support staff - provide daily care for over 70 Coronavirus patients since March, 20. Advanced respiratory equipment allows doctors to provide the highest level of care to patients in Lombardy.

That is the healthcare aid provided to Italy by the United States through the international organization Samaritan's Purse, supporting the Cremona hospital in the emergency medical assistance to families affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 in northern Italy.
«For the first time since the Second World War, American doctors and nurses are operating in our country, and, thanks to the implementation of the World Health Organization's emergency health response mechanism, we have been able to ensure the deployment of a unique facility entirely dedicated to the treatment of Covid19», said the Director of the Civil Protection Department, Mr. Agostino Miozzo.

«The Department assisted Samaritan's Purse field hospital's arrival and operation by coordinating the activities carried out by the Lombardy Regional Civil Protection and the Italian Air Force to support the Cremona Hospital. This synergy perfectly worked and one week after the start of the operations shows its effectiveness»

Samaritan's Purse is an evangelical Christian organization that provides aid to people in difficulty all over the world. Since 1970, the organization has in fact helped people victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, illness and famine.

«In Italy, the situation is critical. Hospitals are overcrowded and people are dying, but we are ready to contribute in difficult situations. That's why our team of experienced emergency specialists are on the frontline providing medical care to people affected by covid-19» said Franklin Graham, president and CEO of Samaritan's Purse.

Here is the video of the opening operations of the field hospital.


Photo courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse