news21 aprile 2020

Coronavirus emergency: the Union Civil Protection Mechanism aid continues

New aid from Slovak Republic and European Union (Taiwan)

Member States continue to provide support to Italy in the framework of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism to deal with the national emergency related to the Coronavirus.
Assistance in terms of professional human resources and health materials received from Norway, Romania and Austria, in addition to the donation of equipment from the People's Republic of China coordinated by the European Union. 
Yesterday, April 20, a cargo with surgical masks and sanitizer was delivered to the Airport of Pratica di mare, donated by the Slovak Government.  This represents a first step of an aid programme launched by the Authorities of the Slovak Republic, in agreement with the Italian Government, through the allocation of dedicated funds.
Through the coordination of the Civil Protection Mechanism, the Civil Protection Department also received 500,000 masks from Taiwan, which offered personal protective equipment to the most affected EU countries, starting from Italy.