news31 marzo 2020

Coronavirus emergency, the Russian Federation's aid to Italy

To support Italian healthcare facilities Russian doctors, nurses and health care professionals. Medical equipment and protective devices have also been provided.

Extensive collaboration to contain as much as possible the spread of Covid-19 virus, bilateral cooperation and full support to Italy by the Russian Federation in the fight against the Covid-19. This is the summary of the phone conversation between the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning the help to Italy to face the ongoing health emergency.

The aid provided to Italy by the Russian Federation is a concrete sign of close cooperation in the field of civil protection that for many years now follows a bilateral agreement on disaster management.

The Russian government's response started on March, 24 with the dispatch of 14 military aircraft, with a load capacity of up to 60 tonnes with doctors, nurses, health care specialists, medical equipment and individual protective devices to Italy.

 32 military health care operators arrived to support  Italian healthcare facilities, with 8 equipment consisting of anesthesists, virologists, nurses, accompanied by interpreters and health experts. The groups reached the areas of northern Italy most severely affected by Covid-19. 
Particularly in Bergamo where the health operators will support the hospitals and the staff in the disinfection of the 67 Assisted Healthcare Residences RSA) of the province.

Russian support also consisted in the dispatchment of 30 special units, each consisting of two vehicles equipped with data processing modules.
Russian aircraft brought protective devices to Italy, mobile units for the disinfection able of sanitizing also water pipes. With regard to the medical equipment, respiratory devices, equipment for biological analysis, high-protection sanitary masks, gloves and protective suits have been provided.
In particular, a Russian chemical laboratory used for nuclear, bacteriological and chemical defense operations has been made available for Italy