news27 aprile 2020

Coronavirus emergency: new Prime Minister’s Decree for the containment of Covid-19 infection

The measures will be valid from May 4 and for the following two weeks.

Yesterday evening, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed the new decree intrducing the new measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency of Covid-19. These measures fall under the phase 2 and will become effective from May 4 and for the following two weeks.

Movements within the same Region for reasons of work, health, emergency or visit to relatives will be possible, nevertheless self-declaration is mandatory. The ban on group gathering is still in force, and the distance between persons must be at least one metre. Outside the Region, travel is allowed for work, health, emergency and for home return. On public transport, the use of masks will be essential.

More stringent rules for those with respiratory infection symptoms and fever higher than 37.5 degrees: it is mandatory to stay at home and inform your doctor.

Access to public parks will be allowed by respecting the interpersonal distance. Mayors will be allowed to block the access in case the safety measures cannot be enforced.

Physical activity will be allowed always individually or at a distance of one meter but no necessarily near home. For a gradual resumption of sports activities, from May 4, training sessions of individual sports athletes will be allowed behind closed doors. The minimum distance for sports activities is two metres.

As far as religious ceremonies are concerned, funerals will be allowed, attended by first and second degree relatives, with the obligation to wear a mask, and limited to a maximum of 15 people.

With regard to food service activities, in addition to home delivery, it will be possible to pick up the products from the venue, in compliance with the safety distance and with the prohibition of consumption inside or nearby.  

From May 4, manufacturing, construction, real estate brokerage and wholesale trade will resume.

For more information, go to the Government's website.


Photo: Palazzo Chigi-Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri