news11 aprile 2020

Coronavirus emergency: new national containment measures and a Committee of experts for economic and social recovery

Two decrees issued by the President of the Council of Ministers on April 10, 2020 set out the provisions

New containment and management measures for the epidemiological emergency of Covid-19 covering the entire national territory until May 3, 2020 and the establishment of a Committee of experts at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for a gradual recovery of social, economic and productive activities in the Country. Here are the key points of the two Presidential Decree issued by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte yesterday.

The decree for the new measures to contain and manage the emergency, published in the Official Gazette no. 97 of April 11, 2020, confirms the suspension of production, industrial and commercial activities with the exception of those mentioned in the measure. The decree authorizes the opening of some businesses - such as stationers' shops, bookshops and clothing stores for children and babies, and activities of forestry and wood industry. The decree also provides for specific health and hygiene measures for the open commercial activities. The provisions are valid from April 14 to May 3, 2020. To find out more, go to the Decree of April 10, 2020.
The decree for the appointment of the Committee identifies the objectives, components and organization of the new working group established within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, which will operate jointly with the Technical-Scientific Committee. The Committee, made up of experts in economic and social issues, is charged with the task of developing the measures necessary for a gradual recovery of the country's social, economic and productive activities, also through the identification of new organizational and relational models aimed at containing and preventing the Covid-19 emergency. Among the components of the committee, chaired by Vittorio Colao, the Head of the Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli. 
For further details, go to the Decree.