news30 giugno 2020

Contributions for voluntary work: the Decree of the Head of Department with the criteria for the three-year period 2019-2021 is now available

In the Official Gazette of June 18, the communication concerning the measure has been published 

On May 12, the Head of the Department Angelo Borrelli signed the Decree - repertory no. 1886 of 16/05/2020 - regarding the criteria for the granting of contributions by the Civil Protection Department for the funding of projects submitted by voluntary organizations for the three-year period 2019-2021. The measure, on 6 March last, received the positive advice of the National Committee for Voluntary Civil Protection and, on 7 May last, the agreement of the Unified Conference. In the Official Gazette no. 153 of 18 June 2020, the Communication on the above mentioned Decree was published. The general aim of funding projects is the qualitative growth of civil protection volunteering.

The projects, which may be submitted by voluntary civil protection organisations registered on the national list, i.e. organisations registered on the central list of the Civil Protection Department and organisations registered on the territorial lists of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, must be aimed at:

  • the upgrading of equipment and means;
  • to spread the culture of civil protection;
  • improving the technical preparation of volunteers.

The criteria provide guidance on how to submit applications for project funding, on their evaluation and on the allocation of grants.
The financial resources are divided into three tranches:
- a national quota, equal to 50% of the total available, for the civil protection voluntary organisations registered on the central list;
- a regional quota, equal to 35% of the total available, destined to voluntary civil protection organisations registered in the territorial lists of Regions and Autonomous Provinces and which are part of the mobile columns of voluntary work of the Region or Autonomous Province to which they belong;
- a local quota, equal to 15% of the total available, for organisations registered in the territorial lists that aim to strengthen the capacity of first operational response in the territory.

Attached to the criteria there is a form to be filled in and submitted together with the application for funding of the project in order for the application to be accepted. Other grounds for ineligibility and exclusion of the application are specified in the criteria.

Voluntary civil protection organisations may submit a project by December 31 of each year taking into account the priorities formulated annually by the Department and the Regions and Autonomous Provinces. The Department of Civil Protection proceeds to the adoption of the measure for the concession of grants, published on this website in the "volunteering" section, following the approval by the competent bodies.