news4 febbraio 2020

Civil Protection: Undersecretary Fraccaro at the Department

Undersecretary Fraccaro also participated in the Coronavirus Emergency Operational Committee

Undersecretary Fraccaro attended the Operational Committee. Riccardo Fraccaro visited the headquarters of the Civil Protection Department and met the Head of the Department, Angelo Borrelli.  The aim of the visit of the Undersecretary was to deepen, within the Government's space and aerospace programs policies, the use of data collected with satellite technology (Earth Observation), for the purposes of civil protection and air quality analysis.  Within civil protection there are several products obtained from satellite data, used operationally for risk prediction, monitoring and prevention (e.g. possible landslides) or damage assessment following emergency events, such as the recent flood in Venice.

The meeting was attended by Presidents and representatives of the Department's Competence Centres: ISPRA, INGV, Civil Protection Centre University of Florence, CNR-IREA, ASI and CIMA Foundation and the President of the Great Risks Commission, Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza. Together with the Hon. Fraccaro, Mariangela Dejana, expert in space policy and Col. Aniello Violetti Head of the support, coordination and secretariat unit of the Interministerial Committee for Space Policy and Aerospace Research.
Specifically, Paola Pagliara, presented the use of earth observation data and products for civil protection purposes (forecasting, prevention, risk monitoring and damage assessment). The President Stefano Laporta and Andrea Taramelli of ISPRA with Marco Deserti, of the Emilia-Romagna Region, illustrated the use of earth observation products for air quality analysis, within the National Environmental Protection Service.
Mr. Fraccaro, after a visit to the operational centres of the Department, (Central Functional Centre, Seismic Monitoring Room, Volcanic Monitoring Room, Italy Situation Room, Unified Air Operations Centre and Maritime Emergencies Operations Centre) attended, together with the Head of the Department Borrelli and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, the Coronvirus Emergency Operational Committee.

At the opening of the meeting of the Operational Committee, constantly engaged in planning measures to reduce the risk from Conronavirus, Mr. Fraccaro said "I thank the entire National Service for the work carried out every day and in particular for the response provided to the Coronavirus emergency. This is proof that teamwork in our country is always wins". Thus, Undersecretary Fraccaro, together with the Minister of Health Speranza, followed the meeting of the Committee.