news14 maggio 2024

Bradyseism in the Phlegraean Fields, a meeting with the citizens of Naples

Head of Department Fabrizio Curcio will also attend the meeting

Bradisismo incontro Napoli IN EVIDENZA

The Municipality of Naples, the Campania Region, and the Civil Protection Department will host a meeting on May 14 at 4 p.m. in the Bagnoli district of Naples to inform citizens about the ongoing phenomenon of bradyseism in the volcanic area of the Phlegraean Fields. This meeting, the third of its kind, will be held at the Aula Consiliare of Municipality X. Previous meetings on bradyseism in the Phlegraean Fields took place on April 11 in Pozzuoli and May 6 in Bacoli.

The initiative is part of the Communication Plan developed by the Campania Region in conjunction with the Department within the framework of Decree-Law 140 of October 12. The Plan aims to provide the population with comprehensive and up-to-date information on the ongoing crisis of bradyseism and the measures implemented by the Decree-Law. Specifically, this measure outlines the civil protection activities to be implemented to reduce the risk associated with the phenomenon of bradyseism in the Phlegraean Fields area.

Once again, the citizens of the Phlegraean area will have the chance to ask institutional representatives questions, addressing both scientific matters and the broader response of the civil protection system.

On this occasion, other than the Mayor of Naples, the Head of Department, together with Deputy Head; the Vice President of the Campania Region; the Councillor for Security and the Councillor for Urban Planning of the Campania Region; the Director General of Civil Protection of the Campania Region; the Prefect of Naples; the Councillor for Civil Protection and the Councillor for Urban Planning of the Municipality of Naples; the Presidents of the Municipalities X and IX of the Municipality of Naples, are attending as representatives of the institutions. From the scientific research bodies, the attendees will include the Director of the Ingv Volcanoes Department, the Director of the Ingv-Vesuvius Observatory, the President of the Network of the University Laboratories of Seismic Engineering (Reluis), and the Scientific Director of the PLINIVS Study Center. The Press Office Coordinator of the Civil Protection of the Campania Region will moderate the meeting.

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