news18 marzo 2019

Borrelli: "A great commitment on structural interventions in the whole country is necessary".

The Head of Department this morning visited the site of the "Ponte a Mensola" project near Florence: "We are working hard on non-structural prevention. Now great commitment toward #Progettitalia".

"I am pleased to be here today, during an international day of mobilization on the theme of climate change for an important project for Florence, which is one of the most beautiful places in our country. The usefulness and effectiveness of this work reminds us of the importance of structural prevention activities. The Italian Civil Protection is working hard on non-structural prevention. Particulary, we are working on a national warning platform for meteo-hydro emergencies, on spreading civil protection knowledge through communication campaigns and much more. 
However, the whole system should also carry out interventions and works. I hope that the Government, which has made public investments with #Proteggitalia Plan, would adopt useful and simple measures to speed up interventions. 
The works do not need to be done with an emergency logic. We need a further reduction in the number of authorizations, clearances and all the other bureaucratic obligations in order to act. We can achieve results together, in a coordinated and common effort involving institutions at all levels". 
With these words Angelo Borrelli, Head of the Department of Civil Protection, spoke at the press conference held during the inspection that took place this morning at the presence of the Florence's mayor Dario Nardella, the Councillor for the Environment and soil protection of the Region of Tuscany Federica Fratoni, the President of Anbi Toscana Marco Bottino and the Secretary General of the District Basin Authority of the central Apennines Erasmo D'Angelis.


The works for the realization of the expansion boxes of the river Arno are part of the project "Ponte a Mensola", a large plan to prevent flooding of the entire network affecting the river Arno. The works also include the construction of a public park of about twenty hectares, Parco del Mensola. It will consists in 20 hectares between Settignano and Rovezzano, which will connect the town of Ponte a Mensola with the banks of the Arno through a continuous cycle/pedestrian path.

The aim of the project is therefore to safeguard the urban area of Florence from the risk of flooding and to open a green park that will greatly contribute to the livability of the citizens.
The project approved by the President of the Region of Tuscany in his position as Extraordinary Commissioner for the fight against hydrogeological instability is financed by state funds and is now at a very advanced stage of its implementation. 
During the press conference, the Head of Department Borrelli intervened on post-emergency and prevention activities in the Region of Tuscany: "We are carrying out various activities for structural prevention. In Tuscany, with the Regional Civil Protection, we are working and will work to repair the damage caused by the recent storms. Although Tuscany has not been among the regions most affected by the damage of bad weather in October-November 2018, has still had major damage, we will provide to repair and secure the territory as soon as possible.