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Bookings are open for the initiative: Getting to know and experience Vesuvius 80 years after the last eruption

From March 17 to 19, visitors can explore the historical headquarters of the Vesuvius Observatory in Herculaneum and join a guided tour in the Vesuvius National Park

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During World War II, on March 18, 1944, the Vesuvius began its last eruption. The event, characterized by low-energy effusive and explosive activities, resulted in the death of 21 people and partial destruction of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio and Massa di Somma. To remember the event and foster the dissemination of vulcanic and civil protection knowledge, the Department of Civil Protection, the INGV’s Vesuvius Observatory, The Vesuvius National Park, the Campania Region, and the Civil Protection of Campania, in collaboration with the Municipality of Herculaneum and Regional School Office, are planning the initiative “Getting to know and experience Vesuvius 80 years after the last eruption”.     

From March 17 to 19, visitors will be able to see the historic Headquarters of INGV’s Vesuvius Observatory in Herculaneum, attend the screening of a historical film on the 1944 eruption, and join a guided tour along the path No. 9 “The river of lava” of the Vesuvius National Park. During the tour, experts will illustrate the natural features of the volcano, risk characteristics, and civil protection measures aiming at ensuring monitoring of the volcano and an adequate response in case of potential resumption of eruptive activity. The tour takes 2 hours and is intended for groups of 50 people.

On March 17, the tour will be open to everyone, while on March 18 and 19, it will be dedicated to the last classes of secondary schools in the red zone, as set by the National Emergency Plan for Vesuvius.    

To attend the event, send an email to indicating the number of visitors and the name of the institution (for schools), association, or private group, along with the e-mail address and phone number of a contact person.  

Further details on the initiative are available in the program here and on the Vesuvius Observatory website.

Updated on March 15
Bookings for March 17 and 19 are now closed due to sold-out availability.