news29 novembre 2020

Bad weather in Sardinia, Borrelli:«We must rapidly secure the territory and contain the discomforts of the citizens»

The Head of the Department visits Bitti, the most damaged country in the province of Nuoro

Bad weather in Sardinia «We need to take rapid action to provide security to the territory and reduce the discomfort for citizens. Today I am in Bitti to discuss the situation with the local authorities and to thank the operational structures and the many volunteers at work». These are the words of the Head of the Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli, arrived this morning in the town of Nuoro together with the President of the Region, Christian Solinas, for an on-site investigation of the country strongly affected by the violent wave of bad weather that affected Sardinia yesterday, causing damage to the population.
The wave of bad weather has affected in particular the north-eastern area of the island. Since yesterday morning, Saturday, November 28th. Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, then spread to Sicily and Calabria, especially in the southern and ionic sectors. The phenomena were accompanied by intense storms, electrical activity and strong wind, coming from the southern quadrants and with sea storms along the exposed coasts.
The head of the Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli, immediately summoned a crisis unit with the affected regions, to constantly monitor the situation and evaluate the necessary interventions.
Sardinia is the region that has suffered the worst damage and where, unfortunately, three people died. The main critical issues occurred in the Nuoro area. In particular in the municipality of Bitti, forty residents assisted by the municipal administration were evacuated from their homes following the flooding of the town. In the small town of Nuoro a landslide affected the roadway of the state road 389 interrupting the circulation with the need to redirect traffic along alternative routes. Voluntary associations are operational, also in support of the activities of cleaning from debris and mud of the municipal roads.
Great attention has been given to the dams in the region. The increase in the level of the dam reservoir "Pedra 'e Othoni", on the Cedrino river, located in the territory of the municipality of Dorgali (NU), required the temporary precautionary evacuation of the population living in the municipalities of Onifai, Galtellì and Orosei.
Other evacuations were necessary in the municipalities of Oliena, Posada and Torpè.
Severe slowdowns in the circulation of the trenisi are recorded along the Sardinian ridge. Overall, numerous users of the electricity distribution network  remained isolated due to the damage to the infrastructure throughout the region.