news25 ottobre 2011

Bad weather: two operating teams of the Department have left

The Operating Committee has been called up at 10 p.m.

The Civil Protection Department is carefully monitoring. along with the Prefectures, Regions and local civil protection structurs, the evolution of expected bad weather events that, over the past few hours, have been affecting a large portion of north and central territories, in some cases with criticalities.

During today's afternoon, the Crisis Unit has gathered, to answer to the first requests from Liguria and Tuscany: the areas were indicated at high hydrogeological risk for today in yesterday's bullettin.

During the evening, two operating teams of the Civil Protection Department have left to coadiuvate emergency activities coordinated by the regional Civil Protections and Prefectures. Thr Civil Protection Department has also activated the neighbouring Regions currently not affected by bad weather and national voluntary work organizations, besides the Armed Forces.

The Operating Committee has been called up. The Operating Committee has been called tonight at 10 p.m. in Rome, to follow the evolution of the events and deploy the necessary measures, if any.

Today, the Civil Protection Department issued another notice of bad weather, that integrates and extends yesterday's one, since atmospheric disturbance arriving from the Atlantic will move from the north to the centre and the south.

Rules of behaviour. We remind the correct behaviour to adopt in case of landslides and floodings. In particular, we invite the citizens to be extremely careful and avoid any exposure to risks: it is advisable to keep away from water streams, bridges, footbridges, uneven areas and avoid underground passages and basements, as well as natural or man-made escarpments. It is also advisable not to travel, unless strictly necessary.

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