news12 marzo 2019

An ever-growing civil service in civil protection

The pilot programme of the DPC and the Department of Youth and the National Civil Service for the employment of 1,800 young people in information and communication activities of the Civil Protection Plans in the municipalities is now starting.

A program of intervention defined "pilot", designed by the Department of Civil Protection, in collaboration with the Department for Youth Policy and Civil Service for the employment of young volunteers in 'information and communication activities of the Civil Protection Municipal Plans began yesterday, with a meeting in the operational headquarters of the Department in Rome. This path will lead to a change in the planning the civil service in the framework of civil protection. The meeting was chaired by the Director of the Promotion Office of the National Service of the Department Agostino Miozzo with the participation of the Head of Communication of the Department of Youth and the National Civil Service of the Presidency of the Council Immacolata Postiglione, the Councillor for Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities Policies of the Region Molise Luigi Mazzuto and the Councillor for Family Policies, Parenthood and Equal Opportunities of the Region Lombardy Silvia Piani as well as representatives of the offices and departments of the Civil Protection and Civil Service of all Italian Regions.

This project seeks to develop the capacity and willingness to collaborate between various local authorities, the third sector and civil protection volunteers in order to implement a "network" with a common strategic objective.

The Program will be developed through individual projects that can be implemented by municipalities, voluntary organizations or other accredited civil service organizations that decide to join the Program.An important innovation is the possibility of adopting the Pilot Intervention Programme by "networks of bodies" operating in the same territory. The Program should be adapted to the territorial reality within the network. It will be also provided the participation as "co-projecting".The objective of each project will be to carry out information and communication activities to the population on the civil protection municipal planning.

For the first year of implementation, the Department of Civil Protection allocated 10 million euro to the Program to allow the employment of about 1800 volunteers.

Hence, it is a great opportunity for many young people who want to contribute to the well-being of their fellow citizens and to the safeguarding and protection of the territory and the environment.The Civil Service is an important reality of our country. For years it has been an opportunity for young people to participate to the " Defense of the Country " working in close contact with the population, and "on the field". Therefore, it is extremely important for the Civil Protection National Service to involve young people in the civil service.