news16 aprile 2020

A fund for the families of healthcare workers died fighting the coronavirus.

How to donate on the dedicated current account, activated by the Civil Protection Department

A current account to raise funds to support the families of doctors and nurses who died fighting the coronavirus.
The Civil Protection Department activated the account with the aim of spreading solidarity for the protagonists of this emergency: health workers who every day working on the front line in hospitals, care facilities and throughout the territory risk their own life to assist Covid-19's patients.

The first donation - a first step, with the hope that many people will participate, came from the Della Valle Family, promoter of the "Always with you" Fund, also on behalf of its employees, proposing its activation to the Civil Protection Department.

The Head of the Department Angelo Borrelli has decided to implement and start this solidarity initiative with Ordinance No. 660 of April 5.

Hitherto, the amount of the Fund is 5 million and 19 thousand euro, collected through the contribution of large, medium and small businesses, credit institutions, insurance companies, but also many citizens, who decided to give support to the families of doctors and nurses who died at work during this challenging national emergency.
It is possible to donate by bank transfer both from Italy and abroad through the following bank details:

Banca Intesa Sanpaolo Spa
Filiale di Via del Corso 226 -ROMA
Intestato a Pres. Cons. Min. Dip. Prot. Civ. -Vittime Sa
IBAN: IT66J0306905020100000066432