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30 years of the National Service: a message from President Mattarella

The message sent by the President of the Republic to the Head of the Department of Civil Protection

Roma, 29 marzo 2017 - Il Presidente Sergio Mattarella incontra una delegazione del Servizio Nazionale della Protezione Civile dopo le operazioni di soccorso a Rigopiano

«The 30th anniversary of the Civil Protection National Service is an opportunity to express the gratitude of the Republic for the work done in all these years and to celebrate the lives of the people who died during mission.

In 1992, the founding law was a turning point in our legal system, setting up a system for rapid and effective intervention that included municipalities, regions, national authorities, and all the operational forces, together with volunteers.

The emergency situations that subsequently occurred proved the importance of these choices. Today, the Civil Protection Service is one of Italy's excellences, able to deal with crisis situations - also abroa, to help countries struck by serious disasters - and with a fundamental activity of prevention and study aimed at reducing the risks deriving from the fragility of our territory.

Arising in the wake of the tragedy of the earthquake in Irpinia, with the far-sighted contribution of Senator Giuseppe Zamberletti, the National Service of Civil Protection is an example of the application of the principles of subsidiarity enshrined in the Constitutional Charter and in the Treaties of the European Union.

The outbreak of the pandemic has highlighted - from the earliest stages of the spread of the virus - its value: the people of Civil Protection, together with health personnel, have played a key role for citizens affected by an unprecedented health emergency, confirming the fundamental role in safeguarding fundamental constitutional values such as the integrity of life, communities and the environment».

February 24th, 2022

Archive photo / Presidency of the Italian Republic