news12 maggio 2011

20.000 visitors for the "11 May: earthquake in Rome?" dossier

Over 4.000 visitors filled out the test on seismic risk prevention

Twenty thousand users of our site have read the pages of the dossier "May 11: Earthquake in Rome?", The special section devted to the predictability of earthquakes and seismic risk in the city of Rome, published April 21.

Over the few past days, the site has seen a spike in visits as well as the official facebook page of the magazine of the Civil Protection Department. Good results also for the seismic risk and prevention test.

The most widely read page of the file "May 11: Earthquake in Rome?" was one of the questions and answers arrived to the Department, with some curiosity about Bendandi, on seismic precursors and characteristics of the city of Rome. In the pages of the dossier we explained how, at the current state of scientific knowledge, is not possible to accurately predict in short-term the exact time and place where the next earthquake will occur and how prevention is the only effective way to reduce the consequences of earthquake.

We have registered vver a thousand views of the post on 11 May dossier, published in the facebook page of the magazine of the Department.

Overall, our website has recorded a spike in hits from 9 to 11 May: 4,312 absolute unique visitors on Monday, May 9; 7,227 on Tuesday 10 and 5,856 on Wednesday 11.

Many visitors have also completed the test ""Seimic risk and prevention. Are you in the field, on the sidelines or on the stands?", a game to test the users' knowledge on the seismic risk. From 21 April to 11 May, 4,210 compilations were recorded.

In the game of the prevention of seismic risk, 3,596 people were in the field (85.42%), or prepared and ready to play the game, 504 on the bench, with sufficient preparation, but still superficial (11.97%) and only 109 seats in the (2.61%), or with knowledge of the seismic risk based mostly on rumors and beliefs, lack of knowledge of rules of conduct in case of earthquake and background information on Civil Protection.

80% of visitors who completed the test, answered correctly to most questions. Among the questions with the lowest percentage of correct answers, that on what to do to make your home safer (approximately 63% selected the correct answer, or "Fixed to the wall cabinets and bookshelves that could tip over. I move heavy objects the shelves and shelves very high "), or one about who is the first civil protection authorities in the area (50% exactly answer the Mayor, while almost 41% think is the Regional Head of Civil Protection). When asked what to do if the house you live is located in an area with high seismic hazard gives the right answer about 50% of people who filled out a test ("I call a technician to evaluate the safety of the house where dress ").

In the coming days a new test dedicated to tsunamis will be available online, to test the knowledge of people about the tsunami risk.