news29 aprile 2022

1982-2022: the Department celebrates its 40th anniversary

A celebration to remember the earliest days of the administration and to reflect on future challenges

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"We need to know where we started to look to the future. That's why today we meet and thanks who started this path". With these words, the Head of Department Fabrizio Curcio opened the meeting held today at the Administration's operational headquarters to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its birth.
April 29, 1982 is the official day of the Order of Service of the President of the Council of Ministers, Giovanni Spadolini, which established the Department of Civil Protection within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. A new administration that as reminded by the Head of Department Mr. Curcio aims to address the needs of citizens and to contribute to the common good, trying to find new answers to the country.

The meeting was attended by Piero Moscardini, Mimmo Golizia, Attilio D'Annibale, Elvezio Galanti and, with a video message from Virginia Giallanza and Alida Filippetti, the first colleagues who, under the guidance of Eng. Pastorelli, with a visionary spirit have started the work of the departmental structure that has grown over the years. A growth that would not have been possible without the vision of Hon. Zamberletti, the founding father of the Italian Civil Protection, thanks to which it was also possible to establish in 1992 an articulated National Service, as it is known today.

2022 is a very significant year not only for the Department but for the whole Civil Protection System: on February 24, the National Service, established by Law n. 225 of 1992, celebrated its 30th anniversary.