news19 ottobre 2019

19 ottobre 2019 - Exe Flegrei: main activities on the third day of the exercise

Also tested procedures for command posts between components and operational structures of civil protection

The third day of the national exercise Exe Campi Flegrei 2019 involved different exercise activities in all the municipalities of the red zone where the Coc-Municipal Operations Centers operate.

Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage. The activity carried out during the morning of October 18th at the Aragonese Castle in Baia, where the simulation for the safety of the movable cultural heritage present in the museum took place, has been of particular interest. The test was an opportunity to try out the employment procedures of the 10 teams of operators trained in the last few months. The teams - composed of Mibact officials, officials of the Campania Region and volunteers of civil protection - operated in 10 different sites of the Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields to catalogue, package and deliver each individual asset to the warehouse. The members of the teams were accompanied by the Carabinieri's Nucleus for the Protection of the Artistic Heritage and by the Fire Fighters, who guaranteed the sites' accessibility. In recent months 115 people have been trained to safeguard cultural heritage in situations of civil protection including regional civil protection volunteers and officials Mibact and the Campania Region. 

Animal Protection. For the first time, the evacuation of a dog shelter, the ASL Napoli Centro del Frullone (Naples), was tested in a national exercise. This operation was also planned in view of the Civil Protection Code (Legislative Decree 1/2018), which introduced, among the activities of the National Service, the protection of animals. The dog shelter of Napoli Pianura, a small structure that houses about 25 dogs, has experimented the removal of various dogs using their own vehicles, for the transfer to a twinned structure outside the red zone. The activity involved the presence of veterinary doctors from the local health authority and some dog owners. Besides the practical experience, the Asl and the dog shelter also verified the procedural and administrative aspects.

Healthcare. A further moment of the third day of the exercise was the evacuation of patients from the Residenza sanitaria assistita (Rsa) in Posillipo "Colonia Geremicca" in Naples according to the intervention model for the safe evacuation of Disability Evacuation (Disevacv), carried out by the Confederazione delle Misericordie which stems from an idea of the Civil Protection Department.

The model is aimed at patients who do not have an acute disease but cannot independently handle an evacuation, such as the elderly hospitalized in a care facility, and provides transport - even over long distances - providing them with the necessary psychological support. Each DisEvac module transports 50 people with their luggage, together with personal medicines and medical records collected by the medical staff of the module.

The Disevac module allows patients not only to be moved, explained the operational director of Misericordie Gionata Fatichenti, " but to be cared by a medical team trained and specialized in this type of operation, with precise instructions and that can ease the discomfort that, during a phase of evacuation, these subjects that we call of special care can feel". "Today was the first real test conducted on the module, and the system in question is working. In case of a defined target, as today in Posillipo's RSA, Disevac does not show particular criticality because it is designed to operate in specific areas, yet we are working to develop a model able to operate in the broadest possible way and with increasingly larger objectives".

Waiting areas and meeting areas. On October 18th, waiting areas were also set up in the municipalities of Naples, Pozzuoli, Quarto, Bacoli, Monte di Procida and Marano di Napoli. These areas, identified by the municipal plans, are places where people who choose assisted removal, will reach or will be accompanied by municipal shuttles after the declaration of alarm. From here they will proceed to the meeting areas. From the meeting areas the citizens of the different municipalities will depart by bus, train or ship to reach the twinned Regions or autonomous Provinces. The meeting areas set up during the exercise are two: the one of Giugliano in Campania, in front of the Don Diana Institute, and that of Naples, at the Stazione Centrale (central railway station).

Evaluation of the parameters. At the Dicomac of San Marco Evangelista in the late afternoon, the Great Risks Commission - Volcanic Sector met to simulate the evaluation of the risk scenario of the Campi Flegrei volcano with respect to a variation of the monitored volcanic parameters.  At the presence of the Head of Department Angelo Borrelli the second passage to the red alert level for the Phlegraean area was assessed. Thus, the exercise scenario moved on to the operational alarm phase, which involves the removal of the entire population of the red zone.