news1 ottobre 2019

01 ottobre 2019 - Training for Exe Flegrei 2019 stops in the Prefecture of Naples

The meeting, addressed to the operators of the Rescue Coordination Centres (CCS), is  part of the training project dedicated to those participating  in the exercise in their respective areas of competence.

What does Civil Protection mean? What are the natural risks affecting Italian territory? The answers to these questions marked the start of today's training day at the headquarters of the  Prefecture of Naples in Piazza del Plebiscito, as part of Campi Flegrei 2019 exercise, addressed to the operators of the Rescue Coordination Centres (CCS), the liaison body for emergency activities at the provincial level made up of the heads of all operational structures active in the area.

Today's meeting, as the Director of the Emergency Planning and Exercise Service, Paola Pagliara, highlighted, focused on parts of the specific training activities of Exe Flegrei 2019 and on the National System of Civil Protection. The training project is part of the exercise and will be assessed in the final evaluation. After a brief presentation of the National System, the participants were presented with the most significant innovations introduced by Legislative Decree No. 1 of  January 2, 2018 - the new Civil Protection Code - in particular, with regard to the participation of citizens in planning activities and the dissemination of self-protection practices.

Particular attention was paid to the Campi Flegrei  risk scenario , the volcanic dangers of the caldera and the mitigation actions implemented by the scientific community - ranging from the hazard  assessment to the monitoring of the state of the volcano - described by Giovanni Macedonio of the Vesuvius Observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV).

The training day with the operators of the CCS ended with the intervention of the Director of Civil Protection of the Campania Region, Italo Giulivo, who explained the plan for the population removal from the red zone during the exercise, which required  the involvement of more than 4000 people, the activation of 7 waiting areas and 2 meeting areas. The results of the exercise test, Giulivo specified, will be applied from a methodological point of view of the entire population removal plan from the Campi Flegrei area.

A series of training events were held in the Naples Prefecture before today, dedicated to the participants taking part in the Exercise in their respective fields of competence.

"Communicating the volcanic risk" was the theme of the study day dedicated to journalists and press officers held at the Management Centre on September 25. During the meeting, organized by the Department in collaboration with the Campania Region and in agreement with the regional Order of Journalists, the participants were presented with the scenarios of the national civil protection plan for Campi Flegrei and the planning for volcanic risk. After the greetings by the President of the Regional Order, the following experts were given the floor, Ottavio Lucarelli, the Director of Operations for the coordination of emergencies of the Department, Luigi D'Angelo, the Director of the Volcanoes Department of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Augusto Neri and Giuseppe Grimaldi from the Campanian Agency for Sustainable Mobility (Acamir) .

Another step of the training project was the seminar:"The Campi Flegrei volcanic risk : scenario and national planning" which was held on September 26 at the Auditorium Torre C3 of the Directional Center of the headquarters of the Campania Region, Local Administration employees. The initiative, which covered issues relating to the National System of Civil Protection, the volcanic risk of the Campi Flegrei area, the model of intervention and the population removal plan, was attended by about 200 employees of the Campania region and municipalities interested in the activities.

Finally, since June, seminars on cultural heritage addressed to volunteers and public administration officials have been held, attended by employees of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Campania Region and representatives of the Fire Fighters and the Carabinieri. The corse were  conceived to meet the need for appropriate levels of training for the dissemination of knowledge, procedures and skills, aimed to encourage the overall improvement of actions to secure the cultural heritage in the event of civil protection emergencies.

The training for Exe Flegrei 2019 will continue on October 4 and 6 with meetings with volunteers who will participate in the exercise and will end on October 11 with the module dedicated to municipal operators.