news5 giugno 2013

“Civil Protection and Volcanic Risk”: sixth training course

The course held from 3 to 6 June was dedicated to essential services

Today, June 5, the sixth training course on "Civil Protection and Volcanic Risk: Vesuvius and Phlegrean Fields ", organized by the of Civil Protection Department with the Region of Campania and INGV -Vesuvius Observatory, ended. The course of this edition, aimed to essential services, was attended by about fifty representatives of the managers of the road and rail network, some local transport companies, operators of the electricity grid and gas and telephone operators.

The course was held in Naples in the premises provided in the previous editions by the Campania Region and provided a day of lecture in the classroom and two days dedicated to the visit of the Phlegrean Fields, Vesuvius and the Vesuvius Observatory. In particular, the theoretical training focused on the eruptions, the eruptive history of Neapolitans volcanoes, the precursors of eruption, monitoring systems and the danger and event scenarios related to volcanic risk. They were then in-depth the concepts of exposure, vulnerability and impact scenarios, which was followed by a session on emergency planning and the role and tasks of the different actors in the planning. The lessons were handled by the scientific staff from the Vesuvius Observatory Ingv and the Plinius – Centre for Studies of the University of Naples, while for the part of civil protection staff of the Department and the Region of Campania was involved.

This edition closes the training project, launched in November, which involved representatives of the components and Campania operating structures. The goal of these training sessions was to make available the elements of technical and operational knowledge to those who participate in the drafting of the plans of civil protection and management of any emergency.

Overall, during the five previous editions, the following have joined the initiative: 31 officials of the Phlegraean Area, 35 of the Vesuvian area and 38 officials of the Municipality, Province and Prefecture of Naples and the Campania Region. They followed the courses also 67 volunteers and 65 representatives of regional operating structures and provincial staff of the Crisis of the Campania Regional Health and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

The three-day training dedicated to essential services are part of a wider process of involvement of network operators and infrastructure in planning activities regarding volcanic risk in the Vesuvian and Phlegraean areas. The 23 May 2013 was held, in fact, at the headquarters of the Department of Civil Protection in Rome a meeting dedicated to the national representatives of networks of essential services in which the scenarios were presented and explained the Campanian volcanic phenomena, with particular regard to the impact on networks and infrastructure. The meeting was a time for sharing and discussion, organized following the Operating Committee convened on 11 January in which he was made the point about the planning activities of national emergency for the area from Vesuvius and Phlegrean Fields. For this occasion had been published on our website the  “Update of the national emergency plan for Vesuvius” dossier, available in the volcanic risk section.

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