press release21 marzo 2022

Ukraine Emergency: the Civil Protection Department coordination of aid delivery continues

A refugee camp to Moldova and a new convoy of medicines have been delivered

21 marzo 2022 – Trasporto in Moldavia del campo di accoglienza per 500 persone messo a disposizione dalle Province Autonome di Trento e di Bolzano per la popolazione ucraina

Today, a refugee camp with a capacity of 500 people provided by the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano has been sent to Chisinau in Moldova. The camp consists of 84 tents equipped with lighting, heating, beds, toilets and a field kitchen, and will be delivered to the local authorities by volunteers and technical staff of the mobile columns of the two autonomous provinces. An official of the National Department of Protection will follow the convoy to coordinate the activities on site with the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

To cope with the medical support required by Ukraine to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the Department provided an additional supply of drugs and medical equipment donated by Lombardy, Piedmont and Umbria set to leave Palmanova for the European hub of Suceava in Romania.

The Department of Civil Protection has been guaranteeing the delivery of humanitarian aid since the beginning of the emergency, following the requests received by the European Civil Protection Mechanism from Ukraine. The Department coordinates both the assessment of resources available to Regions, Autonomous Provinces, Local Authorities and Operational Structures and the delivery operations.

Photo: Departure of the convoy with the reception camp / Civil Protection of Trentino