press release3 febbraio 2020

Coronavirus: The Head of Department signs the ordinance of Civil Protection

The order regulates the first emergency measures related to "the health risk associated with the outbreak of diseases caused by contagious viral agents".

The Head of the Civil Protection Department,Mr. Angelo Borrelli, signed the ordinance concerning the first emergency interventions concerning "the health risk related to the outbreak of diseases caused by contagious viral agents".

The measure, resulting from the declaration of the state of emergency decided on January 31 by the Council of Ministers for the Coronavirus emergency, entrusts the Head of Civil Protection Department with the task of coordinating the interventions necessary to deal with the emergency on the national territory. In order to carry out these interventions, in addition to the components and operational structures of the National Service of Civil Protection, the Department will also work with the implementing bodies identified among the economic and non-economic public bodies and private individuals who will operate on the basis of specific directives.

The Head of Department will coordinate, through the implementing subjects, the realization of the rescue and aid interventions for the population concerned, the strengthening of controls in the airport and port areas, in continuity with the urgent measures already adopted by the Ministry of Health and the activities for the return of persons from risk countries and the repatriation of foreign citizens to their countries of origin exposed to risk. In order to carry out these interventions, the Head of Department and any implementing subjects, responsible for the approval of the projects also through the Conference of Services, provided that the regulatory requirements are met, may proceed in derogation of the current legislation on public procurement and under emergency sum regime.

The Head of Department will avail himself of a specially constituted technical-scientific Committee which will be attended, free of charge, by all the institutional subjects involved in the management of the emergency.

The amount of 5 million euros approved by the Council of Ministers on January 31, 2020 is available to carry out the planned interventions.

The full text of the Ordinance is available on the Department's website.