press release18 marzo 2020

Coronavirus: The civil protection system in support of the national health service

Working on the transfer of patients and the setting up of field hospitals

The  national civil protection service is engaged in coordinating and implementing all activites to  support the entire health system tirelessly at work 24/7  to fight the COVID-19  coronavirus pandemic.

To date, 55 ICU patients  have been transferred from the Lombardy Region, that is 18 Coronavirus patients and 37 with other pathologies, thanks to the Remote Central Emergency Relief Operations Center activated by the Civil Protection Department.

The patients - transported on medical ambulances of  the voluntary civil protection  associations ,  and on helicopters of the 118 service and National Air Force aircraft - are currently  under treatment in  hospitals of the Regions of Piedmont (11), Friuli Venezia Giulia (9), Tuscany (9), Veneto (6), Abruzzo (5), Lazio (4), Umbria (4), Puglia (3), Molise (2) and Sicily (2).

In addition, the setting up  of several field hospitals is under way  to support hospital facilities in different cities. In Bergamo, the National Alpine Association will set up a field hospital  structure, with over 300 beds, that will be made available within a few days. In Piacenza and Crema, the construction of two field hospitals is in progress thanks to the efforts of the Armed Forces.  In Cremona a mobile medical facility is currently being set  up by the humanitarian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse with a capacity of approximately  seventy beds and  8 Intensive Care Units. The arrival in Italy of the US NGO – that  will install the facility at its own expense ensuring  the assistance  of professional Health, Medical and Nursing  staff for three months - is part of the collaboration with the World Health Organization.