press release20 febbraio 2020

Coronavirus: Health screenings at airports continue

Since the start of health monitoring, almost 2 million passengers have been subject to screening tests

 As part of the activities put in place to deal with the Coronavirus emergency on national territory,  health screening procedures  at all Italian airports of  passengers coming from abroad continue.

Doctors and civil protection volunteers are engaged in screening passengers arriving at airport airports. The monitoring system provides for the use of mixed teams made up of medical staff from the Office of Aviation and Maritime Health - USMAF - and volunteers from national and regional civil protection organizations and the Italian Red Cross, with the support of doctors in the main airports. Body temperature is detected by laser thermometers and by thermo-scanners. Yesterday, February 19, 137,389 passengers underwent body temperature screening tests, guaranteeing health surveillance on a total of 1,235 arriving flights. For none of the passengers monitored, the application of the health protocol, defined by the Ministry of Health, and required in case of suspected Coronavirus proved necessary.

Health screening procedures on passengers landing at Italian airports, as required by Order issued by the Head of the Department of Civil Protection Angelo Borrelli, began on February 5 and affected  all incoming international flights. Since the beginning of all activities, 16,884 flights and 1,968,908 passengers have been monitored.