press release17 aprile 2019

Civil Protection: the service RADAR-DPC is online

On this website is available the open data and open access platform

On the website the service RADAR-DPC is online.

The new platform of the Civil Protection Department gives the possibility to visualize on the map tha data relative to National Radar Network, , rain and temperature stations networks, satellite data and lightning network.

The service is open-access and open-data: the Department is in compliance with the institutional transparency and has also the aim to promote the knowledge development and the realization of new services by allowing experts, administrations, organization, research centers and firms to use these data.

The production of these information is also provided by Regions through the Network of Functional Centers, the Enav- Body for flight assistance and the Italian Air Force.

This new service is the result of a path that brings together the products realized by the Department and the scientific community and the most innovative technologies for the publication and the download of user-friendly web services.