What to do - Epidemic and pandemic flu

Flu is an acute respiratory disease due to an infection, which occurs mainly in winter.
Pandemic flu refers to the release of a new influence virus among the population of the world.

What to do to prevent

Vaccines, especially for those at risk, are the best way to prevent and fight the flu because they greatly reduce the chances of contracting the disease and, in the case of developing flu symptoms, they are less severe and reduce the risk of complications.

What to do in case of influence or pandemic influence

  • See your doctor or your local health department. To have reliable updated information on vaccination and disease
  • Find out if in the categories at risk so it is recommended vaccination: some people are more vulnerable than others to the virus
  • Recur to vaccination only after consulting your doctor or your local health authorities. Vaccination protects against viruses, but for some people it may not be advisable
  • Check the Web sites and follow the official statements of the institutions. To be properly updated on the situation
  • Follow the directions of the health authorities, because a pandemic may require special measures for your safety
  • If you have these symptoms please contact your doctor immediately. Prompt diagnosis helps your healing and reduces the risk of infection for other
  • Practice a proper personal hygiene and of domestic environments. To reduce the risk of infection
  • If you have a sick person at home, avoid sharing personal items. To avoid infection