What to do - Assistance to motor disabled

Giving assistance to people with disabilities in emergency situations requires some special precautions.

These suggestions can and should be of everyone's interest, even if in our family do not live people with disabilities:in emergency it is highly possible to rescue not only their family but also friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbours, classmates, strangers who may need help. It is good that everyone has at least the basics for giving assistance to disabled people.

People with motor disabilities

If the person can get away with the use of a wheelchair, make sure the path is free from architectural barriers.

In the presence of obstacles such as stairs or steps, help them to overcome: stay behind the wheelchair, holding the handles of the chair tilted backwards by 45 degrees and facing the obstacle, maintaining an angle until they reach a safe place and level.
Remember to address the barrier by always proceeding backwards.

If you need to transport a person unable to work, do not pull its joint structures because you could cause damage, but uses such as a gripping point the shoulder girdle - the complex of the shoulder joint - or the pelvic girdle - the complex joint of the pelvis and of the hip.