The modular hospital

The modular hospital was set up in Talca, in the Maule region, and will remain operative for the whole of the four-year period needed by the Chilean government to rebuild the Talca regional hospital, heavily damaged in the earthquake on 27 February 2010.

The structure – costing 5 million euros – was realised by the firm “MMH” of Siena with a contribution from the Monte dei Paschi di Siena foundation and was donated by the association ‘Fatebenefratelli’. The Department of Civil Defence organised the field hospital’s transport to Chile and coordinated the preparatory work.

Structure of the modular hospital. The hospital is made up in part of tents (for the linkage of its different sectors and for hospitalisation) and in part of a shelter for healthcare areas. It is equipped with:

  • 2 operating rooms;
  • 1 surgical preparation room;
  • 1 sterilisation room;
  • 1 intensive care room with space for 4 patients;
  • 1 radiology room;
  • 1 analysis laboratory;
  • 1 casualty ward;
  • 1 accident and emergency ward (also for outpatient surgery);
  • 1 pharmacy;
  • 1 service shelter;
  • 2 lavatories for healthcare personnel;
  • 6 hospitalisation tents (each with 10 beds);
  • 6 linking tents, of which one very large tent used as the entrance;
  • The sanitary personnel during the takeover

The Afmal team operating in Chile was composed by:

  • 4 anaesthetists, among which 2 head physicians;
  • 2 surgeons;
  • 4 nurses;
  • 2 technicians.

The team worked to guarantee a safe takeover. At first, it verified the proper working of the machinery arrived in Talca after a month trip on land and sea; afterwards, it met doctors, nurses and technicians to test the hospital equipment and to give a proper training on all activities. Furthermore, three doctors and one nurse from the team worked in the Talca hospital where they could share practices and technical knowledge with the Chilean personnel.