Some historical earthquakes did damage the Colosseum?

The earthquake of 484/508 A.D. caused damage to the arena and the podium of the Flavian Amphitheatre, the likely collapse of several columns with capitals and related damage to the corresponding sections of quarries in the north east and south east and the west end.
The earthquake of September 9, 1349 caused serious damage likely to collapse. That of February 2, 1703 caused the fall of two or three arches of the second fence at the south side of the Colosseum.
The earthquake of March 22, 1812 caused the fall of small pieces of ledge, while that of 19 July 1899, the detachment and fall of a stone.
Finally, the earthquake of September 19, 1979 caused the injury in the second last shelf from the underground and the fall of small fragments, alreday restored in previous years.