Rules of conduct

What to do immediately:

• do not use the car: you would risk a bigger exposure to radiations and would be in the way of rescue means
• bring pets inside the building
• listen to radio or TV updates
• reduce the use of mobile phones in order to keep phone lines free
• do use tap water if advised so by authorities for public health
• change your clothes and shoes before entering a shelter and put the items you were wearing in a plastic bag. Seal the bag and store it out of the way.
• take a shower with hot water and liquid soap
• get repaired in case of rain, and leave umbrella, raincoat and any wet clothes outside the building

Consumption of contaminated food and water

Consumption of contaminated food can determine an increase in the radiation exposure, with consequent risks for health if taken on for a prolonged period of time.

Authorities in charge can therefore advice for the consumption of packaged food that, as long as sealed, are protected from radiations.

In case of contaminated drinking water, authorities can suggest the consumption of bottled water