Rules of conduct on Vulcano

Particular attention should be paid to the Fossa crater when approaching the fumaroles. High temperatures can cause sunburn and the composition of the gas is harmful to health. It is good to know that metal objects, cell phones and cameras get ruined irreparably if brought into contact with the vapors of the fumaroles. And it is forbidden to go down in the depression of the crater where there may be lethal concentrations of gas.

In the hydrothermal area of Faraglione the tank water of the sludge is very acidic. The fumaroles at sea and in the tub have temperatures of about 100 degrees Celsius already a few inches below the bottom. It is emphasized that any thermal activity can be carried out after consulting medical specialist.

Along the coast, although rarely, tsunami events can occur. Tsunamis can be generated in Vulcano either by landslides along the north-eastern unstable slopes - as happened in 1988 - or reach the island if generated in nearby areas, as in the case of the tsunami that was generated in Stromboli on 30 December 2002. In the event of a major earthquake, a landslide event or sudden withdrawal of the sea, it is necessary to quickly move away from the coast, and move inland; if you are in the boat, you should instead go offshore. 

Source: Map of Vulcano tracks