Rules of conduct on Stromboli

In case of a violent explosion it is advisable to:

  • if you are on the summit of the volcano Stromboli, run immediately in one of the shelter structures, shelters, or other safe place. Stay calm and follow the guide. Avoid running along rough paths - most of which were caused by falls due to stampedes. Remain calm and seek refuge in a sheltered place, following the signs of the guides;
  • if you are located in areas of Vallonazzo and Schicciole, move away from the valley floor to areas identified for the possible descent of avalanches of hot material;
  • if you are near the coast, move inland, following the paths indicated by the sign, until you reach the waiting areas;
  • if you are in the boat, move offshore.

In the event of a tsunami, which is normally preceded by a large landslide along the Sciara del Fuoco or violent explosion, procedures to alert the population will be carried out. They may include the activation of the sirens installed in the villages of Stromboli and Ginostra.

In any case, even in the absence of alarm, in case of a violent explosion, a large landslide or the withdrawal of the sea from the coast, you need to move away from the coastal area (out to sea if you are on the boat) following the paths indicated from the special signs located on the island and reach the waiting areas

It is good to keep in mind that the beach which stretches from Piscità towards the Sciara del Fuoco is served only in the initial paths of escape while, for its natural conformation, it lacks in the far west. This stretch of beach is also exposed to phenomena of falling rocks.

Source: Map of Stromboli tracks