Risk activities

Italy has a high exposure to natural risks: earthquakes, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, fires. Natural hazards which add up to those related to human activities, which contribute to making our fragile territory. Risk prediction and prevention, relief to the affected populations, contrast and overcoming the emergency and risk mitigation are the civil protection activities identified by the Law no. 225/92, which established the National Service. Protection of people and safeguard of the territory are the main objectives of these activities - that the Department addresses, promotes and coordinates in collaboration with regional governments and local self-government. Prediction activities- carried out with the participation of relevant scientific and technical subjects - aim to assess risk scenarios and, when possible, to give notice, monitor and supervise events and risk levels expected.

Early warning, planning, training, dissemination of knowledge of civil protection, information to the population, drills, and application of technical regulations are the main instruments of civil protection for the prevention of territorial risks and are intended to prevent or limit damage in the event of an emergency. Relief activities consists in the set of first assistance interventions to the affected populations. Finally, the emergencty overcoming comprises all the necessary steps to remove obstacles in order to resume normal life conditions in the affected territories.