Police Forces

Police Corps (State Police, Carabinieri, Finance Police, Coast Guard, Prison Service, Local Police), participate in civil protection interventions in any situation regarding people safety, on the basis of their respective logistic, instrumental skills and staff availability.

Natural disasters
In case of natural disasters, Police Corps provide personnel and equipment to guarantee the flow of rescue and evacuation activities, wounded people transport to safe areas or hospitals, public order, traffic management, rescuers’ safety, recovery areas of the population, and operating and coordination centres. They ensure the implementation of evacuation orders, the mobility necessary to the rescue system, the patrol of evacuated areas or of the ones involved in search and rescue activities.

Police Corps ensure the activities to identify of remains, the presence of its staff to the operation and coordination centers activated in the area, canine units, staff for custom controls at ports and airports and provide the infrastructure that can be used as gathering areas of the rescuers and storage areas for vehicles, equipment and goods.